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How do you put into words the depth and breadth of the human experience, the ups, the downs, the tragedies, triumphs, heartache and joy that life inevitably brings, the answer is that you can't but maybe, just maybe a song can get you close.

Growing up a pastors kid and living in the northeast, southeast and mid-west brings a unique perspective to Jonathan's artistry. Seeing and experiencing the way people live life and experience God in different parts of the country, born in Texas and then moving to Pennsylvania, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Indiana and Kentucky would give anyone a unique perspective but for a songwriter and artist who writes about their faith it can give the experience from which to write and craft music that reaches people on an emotional, spiritual and deeply human level.

Jonathan's new Album "Even More" wrestles with the tension of heartbreak and joy, loss and gain, sorrow and hope and the reality that life in the here and now will never be what it once was when God created the world or what it ultimately will be when sin and death are no more and we see Jesus face to face.

Collaborators on the new album include, Ben Calhoun(Lead Singer of Citizen Way), Riley Friesen(Producer for Jordan Felize, Family Force Five, Building 429), J. Hall(Abandon Kansas, Young The Giant) Matt Dally(Grammy nominated songwriter and artist with Superchick).

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