Capturing your "Inspiration" and "Creativity"

Creativity and inspiration are funny things. They seem to strike at the most inopportune moments during the day. I'll be occupied driving the car or out with friends and then it strikes. There I am without a means to capture that "next great idea". As surely and quickly as it came, my moment of genius is gone and I'm left wondering what happened, where it went and if I can ever get "it" back.

After several of these moments of "genius" arrived and then quickly left me without a means to catch them, I got an iPhone. No, really. I got an iPhone.

If you are a songwriter, artist, "creative" and you are not utilizing some type of recording app on your smart phone then you will always be missing out. I've written, drafted and flushed out a number of songs during times of the day/night when I was occupied with other activities and events but was able to capture a melody, lyric, hook, idea by just hitting the little red button on my iPhone recording app. It was that easy. I archived it and saved it for a later date. Just make sure you actually go back through your moments of "Genuis" and work through them. There may be nothing "Genuis" about them at all and you may not even use them but at least you created something, you participated in the process of creativity and your development as an artist and that is invaluable.

Also, get a Moleskine, you will feel creative even if you've never written a song in your life, also, your hipster friends will start inviting you out for coffee. The Moleskine is magical.

The iPhone, a Moleskine, these are just tools to use, just canvases that you can use to create something unique, something that's "you". You'll never know when creativity and inspiration will strike, so be ready to grab them wherever you are.