Big Announcements?!?!?!?!?

Over the past 6 months, God has opened some pretty amazing doors, allowing us to work with some of the most talented writers and audio professionals in the industry. The newest single “Echoes” which will be released in about 3 weeks, was recorded at Dark Horse studios in Franklin TN. It was amazing to record in the same space where Taylor Swift, Relient K, Michael W. Smith, Tim McGraw and others worked on some amazing records. Once the recording process for “Echoes” was finished we reached out to a fantastic audio engineer, Craig Alvin who provided a killer mix of the song. Craig has worked on a number of projects with some pretty fantastic artists, "Gungor", "Bethel Music", "Aaron Gillespie",  "Jason Grey", "Audrey Assad" to name a few. We also had Shelley Anderson do the mastering for the song. Shelley has been on a number of fantastic projects as well, Lady Antebellum, Gungor, etc.

It's also been a year and a half since the last album "Refuge" was released. A lot has happened since then and we're excited to announce that we're back in the studio and in the process of writing and recording a brand new album this fall and winter that will be released this coming Spring.

In addition to working on the new record we'll be releasing a total of 8 new music videos this fall, a new video every 2 weeks including the release of the Music Video for our brand new single “Echoes" as well as some additional videos that we think you’ll enjoy! If you've been to our concerts and worship events you've probably heard some of the new tunes we've been playing. We're really excited about releasing some of these songs as music videos to those who have heard us live and for those who haven’t but who have been following us and are friends on social media!

We don’t know where God will take this music but we do know he’s given us a song and a story to tell and we’re open to his will and are beyond excited about what’s ahead! We would ask that you be in prayer for us as we dive deeper into ministry, the Lord may be opening some full time opportunities for us in the next 12 months and we just want to be open to His will for us and serve where He wants us to serve!

Love you guys, thanks so much for every download, stream, T-shirt/merch purchase, high five, hug, word of encouragement, you help keep this crazy thing going!